Beautiful Weekend

Tom: Coat – Fred Perry, Jumper – Topman, Jeans – Levis, Trainers – Sambas.

Me: Jumper – Zara, Shirt – Thrifted, Skirt – Topshop, Boots – ASOS, Necklace – Thrifted.

We had a lovely time at home but it was just so busy and went so quickly, I’m not really sure how we managed to fit so much in in one weekend! Starting at my family home we celebrated my mum’s birthday and visited my friends 6 week old baby daughter,  she was so beautiful. Then we headed across to Tom’s to see all his family and friends, we even managed to squeeze in some shopping for the store and have some fantastic finds which I can’t wait to put up on the store, I will pop a few of the favourites on here as well.

We spent most of the weekend in jumpers and winter coats, even though it appears to be sunny in the photographs it was actually quite cold, it’s evident that Winter is just around the corner.

Rise & Shine Vintage x


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