We had a fantastic time in Paris, I could have uploaded so many more pictures but decided to resist in giving you a overdose of holiday snaps. Paris is one of my favourite cities, especially for fashion and vintage. It was Toms first visit so we also took in some of the beautiful tourist sites as well as a walk down the Jardin des Tuileries, my favourite spot in Paris. We took along a disposable camera as I just love the suspense of getting them developed and how they make everything look like it is the 90’s.

My favourite shopping area in Paris is the Marais, this area is well worth a visit as you can just wander the streets and find everything from concepts stores such as L’eclaireur, independent boutiques, french fashion (among my favourites are Iro, Les Petites and Surface to air), or a fantastic range of vintage stores like Coiffeur.

I would recommend for all those who like a thrift through vintage homewares and clothing to go to the  flea market located at Porte de Clignancourt which is an Aladdin’s cave of vintage. However, to get there you have to pass through the hoards of tat and counterfeit goods to get to the vintage wares. There are so many shops to look through you could stay there all day. A tip for buying: always try to look disinterested and try your best to haggle! The market is open Saturdays 8am-6pm Sundays 10am-6pm and Mondays 11am-5pm.

Finally don’t forget to go to Colette and Merci two fantastic concept stores in Paris they always have fantastic displays and amazing stock, I would love my home to be filled with items currently on sale at Merci.

We had an extremely busy but lovely few days and I can’t wait to go back!


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