Up-Cycling Jewellery

Sunglasses – Rise and Shine

Dress – MinkPink

Pendant – Rise and Shine

We love making jewellery at Rise and Shine. I’m often searching antiques fairs and vintage markets for interesting charms and unusual pieces to make in to up-cycled jewellery. Recently we have picked up some vintage ceramic watch faces that we thought would make great pendants.  We have attached them to some sterling silver trace chains and the result looks incredibly cute, they remind me of Alice in Wonderland. We love to add simple details to make pieces unique, but also allowing the focus to remain on the vintage watch faces. They are now available in our Etsy store, we hope you love them as much as we do.

We have also been trawling markets in search of vintage glass lockets which we had planned to place pressed flowers inside. Unfortunately however, we were unable to find any. After months of searching we finally found a supplier of vintage style lockets in America and although they aren’t genuinely vintage, they have a very classic vintage feel. I especially like the latches. Upon receiving my order I had a lot of fun decorating them with pressed flowers, it reminded me of being a child. They have a real fairy tale look and vintage feel, I can’t wait to wear one on our upcoming trip to Paris, the others are available at our Etsy store.


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