The Tweed Outlook

We are crazy about bow ties at the moment and have quite a few in store so we thought we would have a play with our favourites. Tom loves the maroon vintage Fredrick Theak bow tie which looks great with his Topman tweed suit, although he has had his suit for a while there is similar versions still available at Topman and classic clubmaster Raybans. The small brown leather suitcase will soon be available at Rise and Shine Vintage this was a great find at the Stockport antiques fair, it was being used by a dealer to keep hundreds of vintage photo’s inside.

Brogues are always a classic style item and this season has seen them make a strong comeback with many variations available on the highstreet for both men and women. This pair are from Office and we will be doing a post about our favourites currently available. Finally one of are best finds yet is a vintage Dunhill paisley print bow tie which stands out on a simple white shirt there is a great range available at Topman.

  1. Claire C said:

    These are wonderful photos. I have a blue velvet bow tie myself and I’m still trying to figure out how to wear it well… As a girl it’s a bit more difficult! 🙂

      • Claire C said:

        Gosh, that’s a great blog. Thanks for the heads up! Duly subscribed.

        Yeah, I think the bow tie needs to be rocked with a similar look to it. I’ve had it on once so far but I wasn’t in a shirt so it didn’t work. But will get there 🙂

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